Our client was arrested on aggravated charges of battery and domestic violence

“While in Las Vegas, I was arrested and taken to jail. When I got back to Los Angeles, I called Kundani & Chang and within a day, they spoke to the prosecutors in Las Vegas and all charges against me were dismissed. I can’t thank you guys enough!” - S.L., Arcadia

Our client recovered a sizable confidential settlement after sustaining injuries at the hands of a negligent employee at a major international hotel chain overseas.

“Dear Lalit and Adam, I never doubted you guys, but I will tell you that your firm has exceeded our expectations.” - CEO, DJ USA, New York

Our client was on probation and had been charged with new offenses

"When my previous attorney told me I was headed to jail and I was possibly getting deported, I contacted Kundani & Chang. They spoke to the judge and got me a no jail time offer and kept me from getting deported.” - L. Shi, Monterey Park

Our clients were injured in a serious assault case where others told them nothing could be done.

“These guys know their stuff! After being victims of a horrible crime, Adam and Lalit got us through such an intimidating process. They got criminal charges filed for us and then pursued a civil lawsuit. Gained my trust forever.” - Katie S., Diamond Bar

Our client, a journalist, was arrested for battery and assault charges.

“After my wrongful arrest, I called the attorneys at Kundani & Chang and they were able to convince the prosecutor not to file charges against me. I can never thank you enough.” - C.G., Alhambra

Our client was falsely accused of serious assault charges that jeopardized his professional licenses

“I will forever be grateful to Adam and Lalit for clearing my name and getting my case dismissed. You guys are god sent!” - Marco T., Alhambra

Our client was injured in a motor vehicle accident on a Los Angeles freeway

“After my accident and my surgery, there were days that I swore I could not get through. Your firm gave me the strength to keep going and to see justice through. God bless you guys for everything you’ve done for me and my family." - M.T., Los Angeles

Our client’s company was sued for copyright and trademark infringement

“They worked tirelessly for months and not only won, but then got the other side to pay back the attorneys’ fees. I’ve worked with a lot of attorneys over the years, but these guys are my lawyers for life.” - Benjamin B., Beverly Hills

Our client faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and forfeiture seizures, before we negotiated on his behalf a $5,000 fine and a return of all assets

“Thank you, thank you, thank you guys! All I can say is you better hope these guys are in your corner!” - A.A., Diamond Bar

Our estate planning client

“Lalit and Adam and their team are some of the nicest, most professional people I’ve ever worked with. They are trustworthy and discreet, and that meant the world to me.” - Mike M., Diamond Bar

Our client was injured in a premises liability case in Santa Ana

"I cannot say enough great things about the Kundani & Chang law firm. For my case, they first thoroughly explained to me in layman's terms each step of the process, what information they will need from me and why, and how the opposing party might respond. They also set realistic expectations. They were very detailed, and I found them to be very honest and straightforward. Regardless of the outcome I would have said these exact words. In my case though, Kundani & Chang actually won much more than I ever expected! I highly, highly recommend them. Best experience ever!" - S. Kataria, Irvine

Our client's business was sued for breach of contract

"When my company was involved in a civil lawsuit, my friend had referred me to Kundani & Chang LLP. Mr. Kundani was very responsive and he was able to address all my concerns quickly whether by email, phone, or in person. They were able to defend the lawsuit completely and get it dismissed, incurring fees much less than what we had anticipated. I felt that Kundani & Chang was truly on my side and provided services for my best interest." - K. Cheng, Garden Grove

Our client faced serious consequences for a domestic violence case filed against him

"Alone and trapped are only two words that describe a little of what I felt like when I was wrongfully charged for a very serious offense. In less than six weeks, my case was dismissed completely by the prosecutor’s office after I hired Kundani and Chang. They are professional and smart." - T. Zhou, San Gabriel