Orange County Slip and Fall Attorney

Your life can change instantly when you slip or trip and fall and are harmed as result of a property owner or manager’s failure to take reasonable measures in maintaining their property in a safe manner. Numerous people end up in the emergency room every day due to slippery floors, defective sidewalks, obstructions in walkways, torn or damaged flooring, poorly lit stairwells, unmarked hazard areas, and more. Commercial and non-commercial facilities such as shopping centers, government offices, schools, restaurants, pubic parking facilities, train, bus and subway stations, office buildings, supermarkets and convenient stores are the most common places where slip and fall accidents occur. Such cases are often based on a negligence cause of action. To prove the existence of a negligent act or omission, the following elements must be established:

  • The property owner or manager owed the victim a duty of reasonable care
  • The property owner or manager breached his duty of care.
  • The breach of the duty of care resulted in an accident.
  • The accident caused physical harm to the victim.

Slip and fall cases are very fact-intensive and also depend on whether the property owner provided adequate warning within a reasonable time or attempted to correct the dangerous situation. Our attorneys have experience in building these cases and achieving the highest results, including a $1.9 million settlement on behalf of an elderly woman who fell outside of a restaurant that maintained a dangerous condition on its property.

If you have suffered injuries because a property owner or manager failed to make their property safe, contact the attorneys at Kundani & Chang LLP, and let us assess the circumstances of your case. Our attorneys are highly skilled in the field of personal injury and are fully dedicated to pursuing the best result for our clients.