Orange County Three Strikes Lawyer

Under California’s Three Strikes Law, those convicted of two or more prior serious or violent felonies can face life imprisonment for a third felony conviction, even if the offense is not a serious or violent felony. Sometimes, when the prior serious or violent felonies are old, or when they are followed by a long period free of custody, it is appropriate to “strike” the strike, thereby eliminating the life sentence.

The attorneys at Kundani & Chang LLP are well-familiar with California’s Three Strikes Law because our criminal attorneys have handled countless numbers of Three Strikes cases in their careers. We have filed these cases as prosecutors, investigated them, and have gone to trial on them. We are extremely familiar with the complicating sentencing guidelines attached to them, the effect of a 5-year prior, as well as how weapons and gang allegations may affect the sentencing. Our attorneys are able to marshall both the knowledge and resources to be able to challenge 969b packets, make motions to strike prior strike offenses, and ensure that the prior strike offenses are, in fact, eligible for Three Strikes consideration. If you or a loved one is charged with a Three Strikes offense, the best thing you can do is to contact our office and schedule a free consultation so that we can explain to you the process and what needs to be done.