Orange County Suspended License Attorney

While it may seem harmless to drive with a suspended or revoked license or without a valid license, the consequences of doing so can be great, especially if you have multiple convictions. First time offenders may be imprisoned for at least five days in county jail and fined at least $300 plus stiff penalties and assessments. For habitual offenders, those convicted on several occasions, convictions can range from at least 30 days in the county jail as well as at least $500 in fines plus penalties and assessments. What is more is that DMV will have a separate process that you will need to clear in order to regain your driving status.

Once you lose your driving privilege, you will be required to submit your actual driver’s license to the DMV.  You can send it in or deliver it in person.  Driving on a suspended California driver’s license is serious business. The offense is considered a misdemeanor crime, and you could face up to $1,000 in fines plus up to 1 year in jail.

A variety of factors play into your punishment for driving on a suspended license.  These include:

  • Why your license was suspended in the first place
  • The number of offenses already on your record
  • Whether this is your first offense for driving with a suspended license

If you have had your license suspended, it could deter you from driving.  However, for a large number of individuals who have lost their driving privileges, this is simply not an option.  Although this may be the case, by driving without authorization, you are breaking the law and will be subject to the consequences.  But even with tough potential ramifications, having a defense attorney at your side could allow you to walk from this stressful situation unscathed.

If you have been charged with a violation of a Vehicle Code Section involving driving on a suspended or revoked license or without a valid license, the attorneys at Kundani & Chang LLP should be your first call. Our attorneys have handled thousands of these cases and will be able to help you reduce the charges against you and help you regain your driver’s license. For example, the prosecutor must establish that you knew your driving privileges had been suspended or revoked, and that you drove despite that suspension or revocation. Many times the DMV notice provisions are inadequate and failure to prove these in court often result in a dismissal of the charges brought against you. Our attorneys will thoroughly study the specific facts of your case to provide you with the best possible defense.

If you have been charged with any type of offense that has caused your license to be suspended or you need help preventing a driver’s license suspension, contact our office today for a free consultation.