Orange County Juvenile Crimes Attorney

An allegation of a juvenile crime can have a devastating effect on your child’s reputation, livelihood and overall well being. It is crucial that a juvenile case be handled with extreme care and caution by an experienced juvenile defense lawyer.

The attorneys at Kundani & Chang LLP are former prosecutors and have handled numerous juvenile cases in California.  Our attorneys, as former prosecutors, each completed a juvenile rotation at various juvenile courthouses in Los Angeles County. There, they were responsible for filing juvenile cases and prosecuting them.  Each juvenile case needs to be examined by an experienced juvenile lawyer to determine if it can be dismissed and be removed from your child’s record. If this is a first offense, the courts in Orange County all have programs designed for certain first time offenders which will ultimately result in dismissal of your child’s juvenile charges. Your child may also be eligible to seal or expunge their juvenile case.

California juvenile law is highly complex, and a mistake at a young age has the potential to cause a lifetime of difficulty. If your child has been arrested or detained by the police or if you have received notice that your child has been engaged in delinquent conduct, the actions you take now can play a significant role in how the case is resolved.

Some types of juvenile criminal charges that our attorneys handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexting
  • Juvenile sex crimes
  • Drug and alcohol charges
  • Property crimes
  • Drug possession
  • Vandalism
  • Computer crimes

The California Juvenile Justice System has jurisdiction over juvenile offenders. Any convicted California juvenile offender can face:

  • Detention
  • Probation and assignment to a supervised work program
  • Out of home placement
  • Fines
  • Restitution

Parents of offending juveniles also bear some accountability in the California Juvenile Justice System. The state considers you responsible for your child’s action. For this reason, it is possible for you to face:

  • Community service with your offending juvenile
  • Required attendance at a parental responsibility program
  • Service to the victim that will help rehabilitate your child
  • Temporary loss of custody of your child
  • Payment for cost of your child’s care

If your son or daughter has been accused of criminal conduct, it is important to remember that there are a number of factors that make criminal charges filed against a juvenile different than those filed against an adult. Typically, cases involving children under the age of 16 are referred to juvenile court. This has a significant impact on the way the charges are prosecuted as well as the sentencing options available.

Many times, juvenile cases involve underlying drug issues. With the assistance from the probation department, our attorneys, and constant conversations with the parents, settlements can be tailored to get your child the help he or she may need to actually address their underlying offenses. This can be the benefit of juvenile intervention, rather than imposing some arbitrary punishment that would send a minor to jail.

If your son or daughter is faced with criminal charges, it is critical to seek legal counsel with experience with juvenile matters. The attorneys at Kundani & Chang LLP have juvenile law experience and will construct the best defense possible. If your child has been arrested or charged with a juvenile crime, contact our attorneys today. As former Deputy District Attorneys, we know what it takes to dismiss charges at any stage of the proceedings. A strong and aggressive defense by our attorneys at any stage of the proceedings can make the difference in yours and your child’s life.

If you or a family member needs help with a case involving juvenile law, our legal team is well qualified to provide you with legal representation. Contact our office today for a free legal consultation and to speak with our highly skilled and experienced Orange County criminal defense attorneys.