Orange County Gun Charges Attorney

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution grants you the legal right to own and possess firearms and guns, but there are restrictions and regulations that you must abide by to avoid gun charges. For example, without a valid permit, it is illegal in California to sell a firearm or carry a loaded firearm concealed on your person or in your vehicle. In addition, if you have a past felony conviction, you cannot own or carry a firearm and doing so could lead to a serious charges of “Ex-Felon with a Firearm.” This can occur even if the past felony happened a long time ago or even if the firearm was used at a hunting or shooting range, or for any other innocent purpose.

The State of California often punishes gun crimes severely and if you find yourself charged under any of these statutes, you should consult immediately with an experienced criminal defense attorney at Kundani & Chang LLP.

There are a variety of reasons an individual in the Orange County area could be facing gun charges.  Because of the stringency of California gun laws, gun owners can be charged with a weapons offense simply for failing to store or carry a gun properly.  Do not let gun charges take away your freedom or your rights.  If you are found guilty of a weapons violation, even if you were not aware you were breaking the law, you may lose your right to carry a firearm.  A gun charge conviction also carries with it fines, possible jail time, and the potential to negatively affect your ability to find employment.

In an attempt to either have your case dismissed or minimize the penalties you face as a result of being charged with a gun possession offense, a defense attorney will try to disprove the prosecutor’s theories.  The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed every aspect of the offense.  If even one element of the carrying a pistol without a license charge is disproven by a defense attorney, the defendant may not be convicted.

If you have been arrested or accused of any gun crime, your best defense is to contact an experienced Orange County criminal lawyer immediately.  Because crimes related to firearms are complex, and the potential fines and prison time may be significant, it is important to speak to a knowledgeable firearm defense lawyer before it is too late.  The attorneys at Kundani & Change have the knowledge of the law to answer your questions and make sure your Second Amendment rights are protected.

Our attorneys know the defenses that can be asserted so that the charges against you can be dropped, reduced, or dismissed.  Moreover, as former prosecutors, our attorneys are well-versed in the policy decisions that may lead some charges to be brought forward and for others to be declined.  Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation on what can be done in your case.